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The Drains beneath your property may remain out of sight and out of mind... until they go wrong. When blocked or damaged drainage systems disrupt your day, it's time to call on the company offering a package of services to keep your home or workplace running.

The signs of malfunctioning drains can include pools of water or effluent anywhere on the property, unpleasant smells, or sinks and toilets which refuse to drain normally. The difficulty with drainage issues is that because most of the pipework is buried underground, accessing the system to find the problem is not as easy as it would be with your plumbing or heating systems. But fear not – Pro Heating & Plumbing offer a comprehensive range of drainage solutions to deal with even the most difficult underground problem.

At one time, to discover and repair a broken underground drainpipe necessitated substantial earthworks, and possibly even the hire of heavy plant machinery. But things have come a long way since then. These days, our professional drainage technicians can investigate most blockages by inserting a mobile camera into your existing drain access points – and often, we can make repairs the same way. This makes the process far less inconvenient and expensive for both our team and the property owner. CCTV drain inspection and no-dig repair solutions are all an integral part of the drainage services we offer.

Call 0208 8191 561 or Freephone 0800 1182 932 for professional blocked drain or damaged drain advice. A no obligations quotation for any drainage service is only a phone call away.

Blocked Drains cleared FAST

Problems with a blocked drain? This could be due to a number of reasons:

• Accumulation of food waste and fat
• A cracked, broken, or collapsed drain
• Root ingress from trees and shrubs into the drainage pipe
• Blockage due to nappies, or sanitary products etc

Pro-Heating & Plumbing provide fast, efficient and cost-effective solutions. Our experienced drainage engineers have the experience, expertise and equipment to clear, clean and maintain drains as well as dealing with blocked sinks and blocked waste pipes as well as blocked toilets and blocked underground drains.

Water Jetting

We use high pressure water jetting on underground drainage pipes to ensure the removal of settled and attached deposits, such as scale build up and encrustations restricting the full working diameter of a drainage pipe. For example, cooking oils and grease that solidify within the drain and stick to the inner wall causing a blocked drain, are just blasted away. All our drainage technicians are water jetting association certified engineers and our work is fully guaranteed.

CCTV Drain Inspections & Surveys

Pro-Drain utilises drain expert CCTV drain inspection equipment to diagnose drainage problems or surveying a drainage system. This specialist drain survey equipment enables drainage engineers to view and assess very clear digital images from within an underground drain or a stack pipe. This provides accurate information can be relayed and used to supply a drain survey report package to a customer. This information is the basis for formulating a diagnose of the drainage problem. Without the use of a CCTV drain survey access to the problem drain pipe might otherwise be impossible.

Drainage Experience

With over 20 years of experience of supplying drainage contractor services and the accumulated knowledge of drainage systems acquired over the years, we can confidently promise to find a solution to all your drainage problems, whether that be a blocked drain, broken drain, blocked waste pipe, drain repair, drain survey, or a simple blocked toilet. Through our sister company Pro-Drain we offer drainage services throughout Greater London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire, Middlesex and Buckinghamshire, so call our freephone number 0800 118 2392 for fast, reliable engineers that will solve your problem.

Domestic Drainage Solutions

Domestic customers are understandably concerned about the impact drainage works will have on their home. To find out how we minimise disruption on your property, contact our team.

Commercial Drainage Solutions

Drain networks under commercial premises can be quite extensive. We use the latest techniques to map your drains, and it is usually then a simple matter to locate and clear any blockage. Even if repairs cannot be made from the surface, our teams have the expertise to fix the problem promptly and effectively.

Drain Services

• Drain Unblocking
• Blocked Sinks
• Blocked Waste Pipes
• Blocked Toilets
• Blocked Drain Pipe
• Blocked Underground Drain
• Blocked Manhole Chamber
• Drain Cleaning
• Drain Cleaning Maintenance
• Blocked Drain Preventive
• Drain Jet Cleaning

Drain Services (cont.)

• CCTV Drain Inspection
• Problem Drain Inspection
• Homebuyers Drain Survey
• New Drainage System Installation
• New Drain Run Installation
• New Gully Installation
• Manhole Chamber Installation
• New Toilet Drain Installation
• Stack Pipe Installation
• Manhole Covers Installation

Drain Repairs

• Problem Drain Investigation
• Recurring Blocked Drain
• Collapsed Drain Replacement
• No Dig Technology
• Patch Lining Applications
• Broken Drain Replacement
• Cracked or Fractured Drain Repair

More information on drain company installations or problem drain services is call now on 0208 819 1561 or Freephone 0800 118 2932  24/7 365 Days for professional drainage system advice



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